Things to know about Costa Rica before you go

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We just got back from an amazing trip in Costa Rica and we’re gonna talk to you about the don’ts because there’s a lot of things that we didn’t know that we wish we did no we’re here to look out for you right so we’re gonna be some lessons we’re gonna be nine of them. Things to know about Costa Rica before you go.


Things to know about Costa Rica before you go

The first lesson is:


1. Do not leave your bags and suitcases open on the floor

Oh you probably have read about that we didn’t you but we got there and you kind of get settled and then a few days goes by and you’re like man forget about it we did leave our bags in suitcases open and then Marco went to do the laundry and what dropped out of the dryer Oh a scorpion so we feel that he was in the laundry so alive when he follows right by my bare foot I looked down and I was like all these folks and then then he flipped over and died and I scooped him up and threw him outside well maybe he didn’t die yeah did you leave your suitcases clothes because spiders scorpions whatever can get in I swear to god it was probably in our laundry or suitcase and we washed up and dried up.


2. Don’t eat at the chain restaurants

You’re in a Central American country go to the “sodas” they think they taste so much better the food is great and it’s inexpensive they’re off the beaten path a lot of them and that’s what the locals eat yeah and if you can’t find one just ask one levels are so friendly there yeah you don’t have to speak the language either you kind of figure it out it’s a cultural experience as well and it’s food that you likely wouldn’t cook at home so really good I think good really good

3. Don’t go off to the marked paths or trails

There’s a couple of reasons one is the environmental they’re trying to keep everything to the trail as you have too many people going all over the place that wrecks the trails over time but the other I don’t know more important one to me is you may step on like a snake or a spider something like that we got to one of the trails and there was a sleeping snake in a tree that we were shown but he was off the trail and you know had he been on the trail and you probably wouldn’t see it so we never know so they’re not usually like on the pathways so it’s better to like just stick to those and that’s native essa those deadliest snakes in the world they told us they said two hours after a bite you would be long gone but they tend to sleep they’re nocturnal I guess the snakes are so if you just stay on the path they won’t bother you.


4. Make sure you pay in local currency

So pay in that’s the colones you can pay in US dollars there as well but what happens is you won’t get a favorable exchange rate when you pay in US dollars oh say oh one clone is two US dollars you actually look it up on the exchange rate it’s usually like 1.6 US dollars not T US dollars for one clone so you’re losing about twenty percent there so what you do is you go to a bank if you don’t have any clones there and wait and get the clones conversation or bring something with you is what we did and in some places you have to pay in u.s. dollars that’s all they take so in that case that’s all you gotta pay what yeah I think we got ripped off a couple of times I sure.


5. Don’t stay in only one spot in Costa Rica

So we went to three places we went to arnelle rainforest we went to the cloud forest in Monteverde and then we went to the beach for the last week and we did go on a two-week trip but some people go and they stay in like one area but Costa Rica has a really varied terrain so it’s really worth it to check out more than one place like it was a Rotter a minute it almost felt like at the end that we were there longer because we were on the move and seeing different things that’s like kind of two holidays and you went to different countries yeah so highly recommend.


6. Don’t go to Tamarindo during spring break at least if you’re not a college dude

We’re not college students or you want to have a little open space not a good time to go if you like the busyness and not being able to park and really take corners in the boat a thousand people on the beach and it’s a good time to go but when we got there on Friday night and by Sunday were all gone they all flew back and it was like peaceful it was like there was probably maybe 20 people on the beach every day so we had the beach to ourselves and the whole town ourselves really it was great so if you want to go around that time just go right after Spring Break is your partier which we used to be we’re not anymore.



7. Don’t use Apple Maps, download WAZE

Don’t use Apple Maps  does not work there and don’t use Google Maps because it is not great it kept like we took forever to get to places we kept going on the wrong roads we were going on like they have highways but the ones we were like we’re like dirt roads well if you missed the turn with Google Maps yeah it doesn’t correct bro it takes miles miles away and then we had one time where I just kept taking this in the opposite direction like this can’t be right I think yeah took us like seven hours from the airport and I think we’ve probably added on like two hours so apparently the locals use Waze there we have here so just download that yeah and we found that out from somebody that lives there good to know I wish would have wouldn’t would have known that advance but we know what now so now we’re telling you.

8. Don’t expect Costa Rica to be inexpensive

And it used to be years ago from what I hear but it’s similar going into some place like Hawaii everything is quite expensive they’re not quite expensive but it’s normal North American pricing or like rental of an air BBB the same as rate if you go to another place groceries were a bit more expensive gasoline was way more expensive than here and then the car rental don’t expect that to be inexpensive you’ll look online and you may get this wonderful deal but we thought but we got like $450 for two weeks for a seven passion or SUV and we thought wow that’s a great deal but the Costa Rican government has implemented a law where they have to force you to get third-party liability insurance and you cannot get that from any insurance in North America that we found you also have to bring papers with you proving what you have or they’ll charge you for other stuff as well.


9. Don’t, absolutely do not, forget to see the amazing sunrises

You have to get up at like 5:00, 5:30 AM which is super early especially on a holiday I think it took us several days to be able to do that we wish we would have done it every day but they are beautiful and I like that better than the sunsets the sunsets are amazing as well but there is hardly anybody especially on the beach and all the surfers are coming out you see them all walking to catch the waves of like 9:30a.m. so do not forget to miss that highly recommend setting one alarms letting to setting your phone’s setting everything and just make yourself get up and do it because it has no self your own coffee because you’re not gonna find any coffee shop over till about 9:00 a.m. so if you like copulate we do get your own coffee.

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