Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort review

Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort (Review) Costa Rica

Sep 22, 2023 | costa rica all inclusive family resorts

Imagine waking up to the symphony of tropical birds, surrounded by lush rainforests, with the majestic Arenal Volcano as your backdrop.

This dream can become a reality at Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort in Costa Rica. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through this tropical paradise, where relaxation and adventure await.


The Enchanting Beauty of Costa Rica

Before we dive into the wonders of Hotel Los Lagos, let’s set the stage by introducing the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

This Central American gem is renowned for its stunning landscapes, which include rainforests, volcanoes, and pristine beaches.




Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort: Your Tropical Escape


Nestled in Nature

Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort is strategically located in La Fortuna, offering guests a chance to immerse themselves in the heart of nature.

The resort’s lush surroundings provide an authentic rainforest experience.



The Gateway to Arenal Volcano

The resort boasts a unique advantage – it’s just minutes away from the iconic Arenal Volcano.

The view of the volcano from the resort is nothing short of awe-inspiring.



Soothing in Natural Thermal Springs


A Gift from Nature

One of the resort’s standout features is its natural thermal springs.

These soothing waters are fed by the Arenal Volcano and are believed to have healing properties.

Relaxing in these springs is a must-do activity.


A Range of Temperatures

Hotel Los Lagos offers a variety of pools with different temperatures, ensuring that every guest finds their perfect spot for relaxation.



Luxurious Accommodations in Paradise


Your Home Away from Home

Choose from a range of accommodations, including cozy rooms, spacious suites, and private villas.

Each room offers stunning views of the Arenal Volcano or the rainforest.


Wake Up to Beauty

Imagine waking up to the sight of the Arenal Volcano or the soothing sounds of the rainforest.

It’s a view you’ll never forget.



A Spa Retreat Like No Other


Rejuvenation Awaits

The resort’s spa is designed to transport you to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Skilled therapists are ready to pamper you with massages and treatments inspired by nature.



Adventure Beckons

Thrilling Experiences

For adventure seekers, Hotel Los Lagos offers a plethora of activities.

Zip-line through the canopy, explore hanging bridges, or take a horseback ride through the rainforest trails.


Culinary Delights in the Jungle

A Gastronomic Journey

Savor the flavors of Costa Rica at the resort’s restaurants.

From traditional Costa Rican dishes to international cuisine, every meal is a culinary adventure.


Wildlife Encounters


Costa Rica’s Biodiversity

Costa Rica is celebrated for its incredible biodiversity, and Hotel Los Lagos provides the perfect opportunity to encounter it up close.

Explore the resort’s wildlife refuge and meet monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds.



Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship


Preserving Paradise

Hotel Los Lagos is committed to eco-friendly practices to ensure that Costa Rica’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations.

Responsible tourism is a core value.



Exploring the Wonders of Costa Rica

Nearby Attractions

The resort’s location near La Fortuna allows guests to explore nearby attractions like the Arenal Volcano National Park, La Fortuna Waterfall, and more.



Getting There and Around

Convenient Access

La Fortuna is easily accessible from the capital, San Jose.

Transportation options include shuttles, buses, and rental cars.


Local Exploration

Once in La Fortuna, taxis and local buses make it easy to explore the town and its surroundings.



Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort Costa Rica

In conclusion, Hotel Los Lagos Spa & Resort Costa Rica offers an experience that transcends mere accommodation.

It’s a journey into the heart of nature, enriched by healing thermal springs, and enhanced by the warmth of Costa Rican hospitality.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this paradise in Costa Rica.


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Q: Is Hotel Los Lagos suitable for families?

A: Yes, the resort is family-friendly and offers a range of activities for all ages.


Q: Are the thermal springs safe for swimming?

A: Yes, the thermal springs are safe, and their mineral-rich waters are known for their therapeutic benefits.


Q: What adventure activities are available at the resort?

A: Guests can enjoy zip-lining, hanging bridges, horseback riding, and more.


Q: Can I explore the nearby Arenal Volcano National Park?

A: Absolutely! The park is easily accessible from the resort and offers hiking and stunning views of the volcano.


Q: Is the resort committed to environmental sustainability?

A: Yes, Hotel Los Lagos is dedicated to eco-friendly practices and responsible tourism to protect Costa Rica’s natural beauty.